You can deal with these annoying dating trends …

Online dating: It can run smoothly in 2018, but unfortunately is also difficult. Shannon Smith of the dating website Plant of Fish lists the latest, most annoying trends.

We don’t want to discourage anyone, but there is even more unwanted dating behavior besides ghosts (suddenly disappearing from the radar) and breadcrumbing (putting someone on a leash online). According to Canadian relationship expert Shannon Smith, this is also good news. “In many cases, annoying behavior during dating can be avoided by communicating openly with another. He also states that we are more aware of the way we behave online. Keep these golden rules in mind and she says that you are armed against heart-breaking as a result of these five relatively new trends.

Of flexibility

When someone brags about themselves while chatting.

People promote themselves and show their good sides without hesitation, before you actually meet the person. Solid example: “I ran a half marathon yesterday and saved a kitten (am I not that fabulous anymore?)” According to dating site statistics, 47 percent of members have already suffered from this behavior. Most of them are women.


When someone waits long to answer.

You send a message to your crush, he reads the message … and it lasts for some time. Sometimes it takes days before a response comes from the other party and the ‘conversation’ can continue. The word comes from nature, when a cricket (cricket) suddenly falls silent when you become too close. About 67 percent were already patiently waiting for an answer. We are all busy, aren’t we?

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The ghost

When you explicitly ignore someone, but the other one keeps sending messages.

All in all it seems that men or women, who do not like you at all and therefore ignore it very subtly, do not want to give up on it. Ghosting does not fit within the experience of the other’s date, so they begin to expose the ghost. Loose Translation: Hunting Ghosts. Despite the situation, a Ghostbuster still tries to get attention and answers. More than 38 percent had previously had to deal with someone who continued to send messages.


When you leave things for luck and start putting dates in the case of someone who has fireworks from the beginning.

About a third of singles said they believed the grass was always greener on the other side and admitted that they sometimes cancel dates simply because there is a chance that they are somehow better off Will meet you Note: This is not a guarantee.


When people actually claim to be loved when they are one.

This is one of the strangest trends on the list. According to the relationship expert, this is a tactic to be a former envy or an attempt to be left alone by members of mindless family. Either way, it is a bit strange and a precursor that a person cannot be prepared for anything serious.

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