Years in the making and soon on Disney+? ‘Y: The Last Man’ may be seen soon

Series Y: The Last Man can soon be seen on Disney+ in the Netherlands.

the question is still where the series Y: The Last Man Will be shown in the Netherlands. But now it looks like we have at least one clue pointing to the answer to that question.

It now appears that the series will be available in the United Kingdom from September 22 on Disney+ via the Star platform. It’s definitely aimed at adults, like here in the Netherlands. Seen this way, it can only be an indication of where and when the series will be shown in the Netherlands.

Y: The Last Man
serial Y: The Last Man Promises to be a very special one. It is set in a world where all mammals with a Y chromosome die. Except for one man, Yorick and his monkey ampersand. Together they try to survive in a strange new world, where they also attempt to rebuild some of society.

The leading role in the series is for actor Ben Schnetzer, who can therefore be seen as Yorick. Also starring Diane Lane, Ashley Roman, Olivia Thirlby, Amber Tamblyn and Diana Bang.

every episode of Y: The Last Man It was directed by a woman and the production involved as many women as possible in key roles such as DP, production designer, costume designer, editors, stunt coordinators and more.

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