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“Bytes de science” is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell Jeevika in all its freshness. But also in all its complexity. A bracket to perform miracles in the treasures of the world. For this new episode, let’s go south. From South Africa and let’s meet the King of the Beast: Her Majesty the Lion.

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Thanks to a 3D ultrasound to which we added a cosmic dimension, scientists have distinguished yawns in embryos. By determining frequency based on age, they hope to detect developmental defects.

Yawning Contagious. Finally, if we accept a mild tread on the definition of the word “contagious”. Because we know, there are no questions here Transmit a virus or another Microbe. This is simple ” Facsimile“Behavior that actually occurs when a yawn occurs in a reaction Yawning. A completely involuntary replication, usually aroused by vision, is able to be observed in moralistic humans. Including, most likely, mirror neurons.

But men are not the only ones who have Happiness happiness . Yawning is a common practice. Animals also yawn. Hens, Chimpanzee Or cobra too. Leo, too. These big cats LazyWho spend their time Soleil . While these women, lionesses, pick up the little ones and go for hunting. And, a team of researchers who were watching them were surprised, for a short time, that lion jawans might frequent. Especially when wild animals are given rest. Can we also talk about “replication” for them?

Researchers have long believed that replication of yawning was a privilege of humans. One of our expressions SympathyFor our loved ones. The feelings we share together with us. But studies have already shown that yawning can be transmitted from humans too… dog. Such as to facilitate a conversation with our best friend.

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To return to the question of possible “replication” of yawning between Feline Researchers spied for several months for twenty months Lions Makalali Reserve, in a private reserve in South Africa. Their conclusion: a LionWho sees one of his comrades, is likely to yawn 139 times in the next three minutes! Interesting, isn’t it? And the rest of the story is undoubtedly a bit much.

Gape reconciliation for now

Because researchers also report that lions that repeat another yawning are eleven times more likely to replicate. The movements . In other words, imagine a lion who yawns, then gets up to take a few steps and lies down again. Okay, it turns out that another lion, “corrupted” by its yawn, will take a few steps and lie down again. In any case, this is exactly what the researchers observed. A type of “motor synchronization” inspired by early yawning.

This is why moralists now believe that yawning can play a real Social role In the pride of the lions. With others too CashVery social. Yawning can help and keep people on the sameWave length. And this is important for an animal that hunts and raises its young in the herd. Furthermore, some believe that it is the social organization of lions that is at the core of their domination over their environment.

Researchers also suggest that yawning replication may serve to strengthen collective vigilance. It can help communicate for changes in detachment, physical or emotional state. So the next time you criticize for yawning, just explain that you are doing this to maintain social cohesion! Not so stupid … lion.

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