XXXX Island Curiosity Story – From Bear-Wet Man Cave to Tropical Idol

XXXX Island Curiosity Story - From Bear-Wet Man Cave to Tropical Idol

IIt will be evening in December, and I am standing alone at the highest point of this scrap in the world on the South Great Barrier Reef. Downstairs, my little cottage is snatched at Perbel Point at the edge of the island’s lair, its hammock-strong private deck and small immersion pool overlooking the overflowing rocks and sea. I think of a quiet, serene evening throwing a juicy steak at a Weber barbecue, and as the sky turns orange to black, a brave Australian red is bursting as he hears the waves on the shore, and the mainland light is shining and shining on the horizon – no one else around . Here and there are only the other 16 islands in the ocean and the Kepel Islands, uninhabited except for the short-key Great Kepel Islands.

Only one and a half acres of land on Pampkin Island has only five sun and aerated cottages and two beach bungalows scattered along its shores: one of the most intimate island resorts in the Great Barrier Reef, with room for about 30 guests. In addition to the cottages there is an open beach bar filled with air, a raised lookout area and a small playground for children.

It’s a weird little secret, and it could be because it’s only been back on the market for more than three-and-a-half years, with each other being in second place in a different guise. Australians may recognize it as XXXX Island – as British ads say “Australians can’t pay XXXX for anything”.

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