Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was about to be announced this year, new details revealed

rumors around xenoblade chronicles 3 start accumulating. While Jenna Coleman, the actress behind the English voice of Melia Antica, hinted that a third episode was to come, either accidentally or by revealing a bit, a new report points in that direction as well. it is very reliable Imran Khan, who specifically announced Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins, which we learn more about xenoblade chronicles 3.

Returning characters, and early 2022 release?

According to a Fanbite reporter, what Jenna Coleman said is true: A third xenoblade chronicles will be in development. Imran Khan, citing sources, indicates that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is already in the final stages of its development, but the exit does not necessarily have to be immediate.

Still according to the journalist, xenoblade chronicles 3 should have shown earlier in the year, but Pandemic and the game’s adaptation on Switch caused problems in production. Having said that, An announcement is still possible this year. The game should have been released this winter, but could still be released in the first half of 2022 according to the article.

As for the game itself, if Coleman knew anything, it’s because the site mentions Several characters return from both episodes, that good The game takes place in the not too distant future xenoblade chronicles 2.

All this is still to be verified and we will always take tweezers before confirmation, but Imran Khan usually does not start rumor after rumor, and is very credible. Now we await official statements from Nintendo and Monolith Soft.

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