Xbox shortage forces Microsoft to use dev kit for Halo Infinite Tournament

Microsoft itself isn’t safe from the lack of Xbox Series X around the world. He found himself forced to use the Xbox Series X dev kit for the first major Halo Infinite tournament in North Carolina, United States.

Like all players this year, Microsoft is struggling to get its hands on xbox series x, The lack of next-gen consoles in the world spares no one. In addition, Phil Spencer himself announced that the Xbox Series shortage would last until 2022. what causes this condition global shortage of components, but also by the production and distribution of consoles experiencing problems.

Hello Infinite Tournament – Credits: Microsoft

Due to the lack of an Xbox Series X, Microsoft was unable to offer a next-generation console to all players in the first major tournament of Halo Infinity. HCS Kickoff Major Raleigh 2021, It took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States. It started on 17th December and will end in a few hours today.

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Halo Infinite Tournament will have some players playing on the Xbox Series X Development Kit

On Twitter, Tahir Hassanzek, Audience Manager at Helo’s eSports and 343 Industries, said: ” Watch out for Open Bracket players: You’ll be playing on the Series X development console later this week. They are functionally similar and will operate in ‘retail’ mode, so it’s exactly the same feel, they just look a little different ,

Tahir Hassanzek then said that the situation is “due to” Global supply chain constraints “. As a reminder, Xbox development kits are provided to developers To build and test your own games. Development kits are never distributed to the general public, let alone used at esports events.

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Either way, pro gamers haven’t noticed the difference between a genuine Xbox Series X and a development kit prepared by Microsoft. They can still compete on Halo Infinity, whose free multiplayer mode is available starting November 15th. The HCS Raleigh kickoff major is Halo Infinity’s first LAN. This competition brings together the best teams in the world who compete for $250,000. prize pool of more than,

Source: The Verge

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