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New Xbox Game Pass quests arrive this week for service subscribers. There are 355 reward points to win this week. As we celebrate 20 years of Xbox, bonus quests are popping up regularly and a new monthly quest is available today. With changes to Xbox Game Pass quests, there are several ways to earn points. Quests are divided into three categories: daily, weekly and monthly. Don’t hesitate to consult our guide to learn all you need to know about the Microsoft Rewards Program.

Need help completing a quest? Want to share a tip? Don’t hesitate to visit our Discord, we have a dedicated lounge available for you! Also, keep in mind that points for some quests are doubling in July, although that doesn’t seem to be the case this week.

Xbox Game Pass Quest July 20-27, 2021

Hello : The Master Chief Collection (+50 points)

To complete this quest for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members only, all you have to do is launch the game to earn 50 points!

The Noble Sons of Rome (+50 points)

The description speaks for itself, it will be necessary to kill 35 enemies to be successful in this quest.

Grounded (+225 points)

As a bonus, here’s the quest that will get you the most points this week because by unlocking an achievement in Grounded, you’ll earn 225 points!

Earn Achievement in Game Pass (+10 points)

As indicated in the description of the quest, you must achieve an achievement in one of the games in Game Pass. The list of available titles is huge and you are bound to find a game to your liking to complete this mission.

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Complete 4 daily quests (+10 points)

The description speaks for itself, complete four daily quests a week to complete it.

Earn your way (+10 points)

You have two options for completing this quest: unlock three achievements or play three different Game Pass games. We recommend the second method, which is much faster to perform. Remember to keep these games installed, they will be used again if the quest comes up again.

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