Wyplay and KPN announce collaboration

over wiplay
Nordic Entertainment Group AB (Publ) (NENT GROUP)’s streaming service ViaPlay is available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Wyplay will launch in the US in 2021. It will be the Netherlands and the United Kingdom’s turn in 2022, followed by Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland by the end of 2023. Viaplay operates streaming services, TV channels, radio stations and production companies, and aims to tell stories, create lives, and touch and expand the world. NENT Group is headquartered in Stockholm from where it reaches the world and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (`NENT B’).

kpn. About this
KPN has been a leading provider of telecommunications and IT services in the Netherlands for nearly 140 years. Every Dutch person uses the KPN network on a daily basis, directly or indirectly, from fiber optic connections in the ground to ATMs in the shop or matrix signs above the highway. Through networks in the Netherlands, in which KPN is investing continuously through the installation and roll-out of fiber, for example, the new 5G mobile network, KPN provides telephony, data, television, Internet services to consumers and business customers. provides. -Key things, clouds. workplace and safety. KPN has an open network on which other providers also provide services. More information on www.kpn.com

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