WWE “NXT: UK #176” results and reports from London, England, United Kingdom from December 16, 2021 (including video and voting)

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WWE NXT: UK #176
Location: BT Sports Studio in London, England, United Kingdom
First broadcast: December 16, 2021

Highlight video for the show:

This week NXT UK kicks off the show Intro and the commentators are welcoming us to a new edition. The #1 Contenders match for the Heritage Cup Championship awaits us in today’s Main Event between A-Kid and Nathan Fraser. Joe Coffey and Charlie Dempsey will start the evening. The latter joins the “family” of Teman and Rohan Raja.

1. Match
singles match
Charlie Dempsey wins against Joe Coffey via referee stoppage in the chokehold.
Match Time: 12:28
Raja and Teman intervened during the match. Then Gallus joined them, and Dempsey took advantage of the distraction to slam Coffey against the ring ladder.

“Family” gives the first hints in this quarrel.

Last week, Mustache Mountain defeated Pretty Deadly to win the NXT UK Tag Team Championship. Sid Scala already has some news for us in this regard. Challenger #1 will be determined through the Elimination Match Series. Here Symbiosis meets Aston Smith and Oliver Carter. Then there’s a match between “Family” and Jack Starz and Dave the Mastiff. These matches take place over three and four weeks respectively.

We are watching a promo video for Jordan Devlin. We get to know about his daily life as a superstar, hero and handsome man.

The new Tag Team Champions will next comment on their title win. Both the superstars are in a good mood and each is holding a microphone. Trent Seven talks about the incredible match and evening from last week. After a long wait, Mustache Mountain are the Tag Team Champions again! However, Seven admits that they sometimes doubted whether they could do it again. Grizzled was a tough defeat against Young Veterans or Pretty Deadly. Seven in particular wondered where his career might have gone. After all, no one can say how much time you have in this business. But as long as he has the title and as long as the fans are standing behind him, Seven will give everything and move on. Tyler Bett also admits that Pretty Deadly was a staunch opponent. But the hard work paid off and the two became two-time Tag Team Champions for the first time ever in NXT UK! Not only this, Tyler Bett was the first NXT United Kingdom Champion. He was the NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion and now the NXT UK Tag Team Champion again. This makes Tyler Bett the first NXT UK Triple Crown Champion! Ultimately, both of them can thank all those who have always believed in the team. They will enjoy the time until the next title defense and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter discuss the Elimination Series. They both don’t want to name any New Year’s resolutions, but make it clear that it’s time to get their tag team belts.

In three weeks’ time, Meiko Satomura will defend her NXT UK Women’s Championship against Blair Davenport. Both the women comment on the title match and it becomes clear that both the women respect each other. But Davenport is more confident than himself that he will defeat Satomura.

Kenny Williams prepared a few words for us before the next match. He is not in the mood for a match with Danny Jones, but in the mood for a match with Mark Andrews. He asks for Andrews, but he won’t work today. In the end, Williams decides to play with Jones and the referee rings the bell.

2. Match
singles match
After a bad luck finisher, Kenny Williams won by pin against Danny Jones.
Match Time: 03:50

After the match, Williams again asked for Mark Andrews and threatened to find him himself if he did not show himself.

Eddie Dennis promises us a successful year in 2022 for Symbiosis and a lot of pain for its opponents.

Something happened backstage during the break. Kenny Williams finds and attacks Mark Andrews. Apparently Andrews injured his hand in the process.

It’s finally time for the main event of the evening!

3. Match
2-out-of-3 Falls Match – British Rounds Rule – #1 Contender’s Match
A-Kid beat Nathan Fraser 2-1.
Match Time: 12:05
-Nathan Fraser wins against A-Kid via pin after Scooter in Round 2.
-A-Kid wins against Nathan Fraser via pin after a flying superkick in Round 4.
-A-Kid won against Nathan Fraser via submission in the Octopus Stretch in Round 5.

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This makes A-Kid the new number one challenger for Noam Dar’s NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship. Today’s edition of NXT UK has gone off-air with these images. Next week there will be a Christmas special.


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