Worrying fires in Portugal, German gas strategy


Eurozapping: The worrying fires in Portugal, Germany's gas strategy
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Like every evening, there is a tour of the news broadcast by European television channels at 11 pm. It’s Eurozapping on Monday 11th July.

The fires in Portugal are still worrying. After hard work day and night, firefighters brought the fire under control. Residents get to know the extent of the damage. The administration is prepared for the heat wave. “We will be on high alert in the next few days. Any negligence will be fatal”Portugal’s Prime Minister Antonio Costa said.

Russian gas no longer comes to Germany. Behind these obstacles is the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline stalled. Officially in maintenance for ten days. Germany successfully bypassed sanctions to bring turbines from Canada. Meanwhile, the country is preparing for the worst. The gas ration can be increased by another 70% from October.

The successor to Boris Johnson in the UK will be known on 5 September. There are currently eleven candidates. Until then, Boris Johnson has indicated he wants to deliver on all of his promises when he was elected to implement Brexit in 2019.

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