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An alliance between the armies of both countries would make the U.S. military more than two to one. They will own three more tanks and warships, as well as more nuclear weapons.

Mr Putin hinted at a possible union between China and Russia, the world’s second and third most powerful military forces.

Both countries have ongoing feuds with Moscow over alleged US interference in the upcoming US election.

The Russian president made the remarks while convening a conference on Thursday.

He said: “You can imagine everything.

“We have always assumed that our relationship has reached such a level of interconnection and trust that we do not need it, but in theory it is possible to imagine such a thing.

“We have reached a high level of interaction in the field of military-technical cooperation and this is probably the most important issue.

“It’s not just about exchanging goods or buying and selling military goods, it’s also about exchanging technology.

“There are very sensitive things here

“There is no limit to the traditional Sino-Russian friendship and there is no limit to the scope of our cooperation.

“Under President Xi’s strategic direction [Jinping] And President Putin, mutual political trust and strategic coordination between the two countries have been enhanced. ”

U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Asper has condemned both countries for “disregarding international law” in their international military powers.

He said: “China and Russia – our primary competitors are rapidly modernizing their armed forces and using their growing power to ignore their international activities, to violate the sovereignty of small states and to shift the balance of power in their favor.”

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Mr Putin, however, insisted he was keen to reach a new arms deal since the New Start deal expired in February.

He said: “The question is whether the existing agreement will remain as it is, start a detailed discussion and try to reach an agreement within a year or lose this agreement altogether, leaving Russia and the United States as well as the rest? Restricts arms competition without a treaty.

“I believe the second option is worse.”

He added: “If our partners decide they don’t need it, well, we can’t stop them.

“Russia’s security will not be compromised, especially since we have the most advanced weapons system.”

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