Update 10/10/11 with new year party and new ships

This week is the next big update for World of Warships, which makes German battleships researchable.

World Warship servers will go offline for a few hours on Thursday morning. Not because Wargaming wants to annoy you, but for good reason that the developer then applies the 0.10.11 update. There is a lot of new content in its stuff. Above all, it gives you the opportunity to catch a full range of ships, starting with the ones you can get to through the shipyard. Build the British Marlboro Tier IX in you. The process consists of 32 stages, during which you’ll also unlock two other UK ships: Dreadnought (Tier III) and the new Repulse (Tier VI). In addition, early access ends for German battleships of level III to X levels, so that they can be integrated into the research trees and everyone can unlock them in a familiar way.

As if all this was not reason enough to celebrate, Christmas and the New Year are about to arrive. In World Warcraft, it is summarized as the celebration of the New Year, which begins on 10 December and lasts until 20 January. Gifts are a part of the celebration. If you go to the armory, you’ll get a free “Christmas gift” container. You can get a duplicate copy if you go to the premium shop. Event containers can contain dablon, coal, premium khata, camouflage, signals and even ships.

Speaking of which: With each of your ships from Tier V upwards, you get a combat performance bonus for the first victory or the amount of Basic Experience Points earned during the event. There’s 750 units of coal for Tier V to VII vehicles, 75 steel for Tier VIII and IX ships and a bonus New Year’s certificate for Tier X barges. In return you exchange to receive a “Christmas gift” container. But it is also worth saving certificates. For three you get a “big Christmas gift” – and for five you get a “mega Christmas gift” container.

From 23 December, World of Warcraft will actually be underway, as from then on the game will celebrate New Year’s Eve. In this sub-event that runs until the end of the New Year’s celebration, you choose one of three teams each week, named after magical stars: Modus, Sertum or Munera. You then complete daily tasks thus achieving both individual and team progress. This gives you rewards that are unique to each team. Among other things, you can expect certain ships and special captains to be ice giants with six skill points. You also collect Star Tokens, which you can exchange for containers from the “Christmas and New Years in the Navy” collection. The collection consists of four sections, each containing six elements. If you complete a portion, you will receive one day’s premium account time. There is one “big Christmas gift” container to complete the entire collection.

Last but not least, New Year’s celebrations in World of Warships include five thematic groups of New Year’s naval combat missions that you can complete with only repulsion. The awards are permanent “New Year” camouflage for Tier VIII ships and have five barges with a captain in each.

There are many more changes in update 0.10.11. For example, developers are adapting submarines’ target-seeking torpedoes, there’s a new Dutch captain and a number of other balance changes. You can read all the details here.