World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Delayed

World of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Delayed

Blizzard Entertainment has delayed the expansion of Shadowlands of World of Warcraft due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic working from household conditions. No new release date has been set, but the studio says Shadowlands will still be released later this year.

In a blog post on the announcement of the delay, executive producer John Height said it was not an easy decision to make, but rather an increase and a necessity for the World of Warcraft players. Height added that the extra development allows the team to add extra polish to the Shadowlands ’final game.

“As everything started to come together and we’ve heard your feedback and made it clear, it’s clear that we need some more time for additional polishing, and to balance and replicate some of the interlocking pieces – especially related to endgames,” Height said. . “Shadowlands is one of the most complex complications we have yet to create and after we made great strides, the challenge to tune the endgame became even stronger as the team worked from home.

“There is a promise of quality icebergs. We believe the Shadowlands will be something special, and we’ve heard those of you who feel the same way. We need this extra time to make sure the Shadowlands maintain their full potential.”

Despite the push, the studio plans to release the Shadowlands pre-patch on October 13 with this customization option.

Blizzard had previously re-announced in July 2020 that Shadowlands Expansion Falls would begin in 2020, with Height saying it would happen “even though we don’t finish shipping from our homes.”

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The Shadowlands expansion will bring a number of adjustments and changes to the workload, including lowering the level cap from 120 to 60 and adding controller support. Shadowlands will allow players to adjust themselves to a contract, a new kind of in-game function system that teaches new skills and allocates quests. Additionally, the expansion will no longer charge players for gender reassignment.

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