World of Warcraft: Eternity’s End is here! – World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

end of expansion shadowlands Coming near, and with the “End of Eternity” patch, MMORPG players are preparing to experience the narrative conclusion of the scenario and thus reveal clues about the next WoW expansion.

This 9.2 update marks the home stretch of Shadowlands, the game’s eighth expansion, which added players shadowlands where the terrible prisoner Tries to break the natural cycle of life and tries to destroy reality. But his defeat is near! Players will eventually be able to compete with him and nothing will bring his plan to fruition thanks to a new raid.

Here’s what we have in store blizzard ,

  • New Territory: Jareth Mortis
  • new progress feature
  • return of class set
  • several awards

new field zarteh mortis There are many surprises for players, and the latter is nothing like the lair that fans are well known for. This is also where the new Eleven owner raid is located.

As noted above, “The End of Eternity” brings the Shadowlands expansion to its end and must provide answers to several plot points. This RAID. is with “The Graveyard of the Founders” And its final cut scene is that the plot is about to end.

More information about the content of “The End of Eternity” can be found on the official site or through our two interviews with Blizzard here and there.

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