World Health Announces Monitoring of New Corona Stress in 8 European Countries

The World Health Organization announced this evening, Friday, that new strains of the emerging corona virus have been detected in 8 countries in Europe, calling for strengthening necessary preventive measures.Add an ad

The director of the European office of the organization, Hans Kluge, said via tweet from his account on the social networking site “Twitter”, “8 countries in the region responsible for the World Health Organization’s European Office, new Kovid-19 strain POC-20 2012 / 01 is explored, and it is important to tighten current security measures. Social disturbances in life, wearing masks, and staying within the bubble of basic support (including allowing a circle of friends during restrictive measures and avoiding social isolation ).

Cluji said the World Health Organization continues to monitor and will provide subsequent updates, saying “solidarity is important.

The official said that it appears that this copy, unlike previous strains, is spreading among younger age groups, stressing that vigilance is important to determine the extent of its effect during the continuation of the analysis.

On 14 December, the British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, announced that scientists in his country had discovered a new strain of the corona virus called “b. 1.1.7”, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, on the 19th of this month , It can be more deadly. According to preliminary data, up to 70%, but he said there is no indication that this strain is more fatal.

This development announced the suspension of flights with the United Kingdom to several countries of the world.

Britain’s top medical officer, Chris Whitty, revealed that a new strain of corona discovered in the United Kingdom could spread at a faster rate and immediate work was being done to ensure that it does not lead to higher mortality.

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Whittie said in a statement, “The United Kingdom discovered a new type of coronavirus, and as a result of new types of rapid proliferation, preliminary data and rapidly increasing infection rates … the new strain may spread more rapidly. “

And at least four Corona vaccine manufacturers predicted that their vaccines for the virus would be effective against the new fast-spreading strain of the virus seen in Britain.

The chief executive of the German company Biontech, Ugur Shaheen, who took less than a year with the American company Pfizer to obtain an approved vaccine, said he hoped his company’s vaccine would still work well.

US company Moderna, German Korvac and British drugmaker Astrazenka also believe their vaccines will work against new sanctions that spread chaos in Britain, disrupting trade with Europe and threatening to isolate Britain She goes.

The CEO of the German company Biontec confirmed that the study and data collection would take two weeks or more to get the final answer, and that the vaccine contained more than 1270 amino acids, and that only 9 of them had been mutated into mutated viruses , And this means that 99% of the protein remains the same. The mutation known as lineage B.1.1.7 can be 70% more infectious and of greater concern to children.

In the event that vaccine developers face an unexpected challenge, the advantage of the Pfizer and Biontech vaccines is that scientists can quickly re-engineer genetic material in shot that matches mutant proteins, while conventional Modifying vaccines can lead to additional steps.

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Pfizer, Biotech, Moderina and Curevac have developed mRNA vaccines, while AstraZeneca has a more traditional vaccine that uses adenoviruses found in chimpanzees to deliver genetic material from coronaviruses to stimulate the immune response.

The German company, Kervac, began a final phase of clinical trials on its candidate vaccine last week and is constantly reviewing the variants, which the company has in common with the spread of the virus.

Experts say that children are more likely to be infected with the new strain of the new corona virus than any other previous strain, and experts say that children are more likely to be infected with the new corona virus than any other previous strain They are more likely to be infected with the infection.

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