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When it comes to the fight against climate change, the Buffins of the World Economic Forum think we can learn from Venus, whose oceans and mild climate were destroyed. Everything, and no one in Venice ever drove.

“We can learn a lot about climate change from our sister planet Venus,” Read an article on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) website this week. According to the post, the new scientific modeling reveals that, for the most part of its history, the sea surface temperature of Venus was equal to the current Earth which was full of oceans, rain and even snow.

When an incessant volcanic eruption released enough carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, attempts were made to turn the planet into a glowing, uninhabited wasteland.

Lots of volcanic eruptions on Earth every 20 to 30 million years could do the same for our planet, the WEF article warned, adding that fossil fuels could never change the way our planet is permanently transformed.

It goes without saying that man-made climate change does not exist on Earth – which is not like Venus, we are sure it was habitable (and habitable) for some time.

However, such predictions are arrogant and undermine the WEF’s argument to a group of arrogant and online commentators that humanity must urgently move to a zero-carbon economy to survive global warming. .

“If only Planet Venus had listened to this horribly sad teenager,” Conservative scholar Stephen Miller tweeted, as a clear reference to Swedish climate propagandist Greta Thanberg, whose crusade against fossil fuels was headlined last year.

While catastrophic volcanic eruptions could probably undo any carbon tax, vehicle bans or the ‘Green New Deal’ here on Earth, the WEF article did not rule out the effects of man-made climate change – it just didn’t mention it.

If that happens, the WFF is already looking at the moon, and so on ‘Golden Rush’ In the coming decades, when agencies and governments will snatch its precious thorium, uranium and helium barren space-rock. too
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