World Bank loan of $ 58 million to Mauritania

The World Bank has given two loans to Mauritania worth approximately $ 58 million, aimed at financing projects in the social and environmental sectors.

The loan was the subject of two agreements signed on Friday in Nouacchott by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Promotion of Producer Areas in Mauritania, Mr. Osman Mamoudou Kane and Ms. Christina Isabel Panasco Santos, the resident representative of the World Bank in Mauritania.

The purpose of this envelope is to finance two projects on support for pastoralism in the Sahel (PRAPS-II) and support for social security mechanisms.

The first project aims to strengthen the resilience of shepherds and agro-herders in some targeted areas of the Sahel, while the second is to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of Mauritania’s national system of safety, along with social safety nets. Through targeted social transfers between poor and vulnerable families, especially refugees and host communities.

Speaking on the occasion, the Minister of Mauritania stressed that the livestock sub-region, which supports thousands of households and generates positive benefits for society overall, has significant growth potential for the country.

Mr Osman Mammoudou Kane stressed that the second funding, which supports the National Social Security Strategy, as part of the action of the General Agency for National Solidarity and the Fight Against Exclusion (TAAZOR), has led to more than 200,000 poor and vulnerable families Will support Registered in the social register and free health insurance services to thousands of families.

The minister emphasized the quality of cooperation between Mauritania and the World Bank, as well as the financial institution’s enduring support for development programs and policies initiated in the country.

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On his behalf, the resident representative of the World Bank clarified that due to the Kovid-19 epidemic and climate change, the international community is currently facing a very strong crisis that will last a long time.

Ms. Christina Isabel Panasco Santos also noted that the World Bank, very concerned about the situation, is trying to find solutions that are inclusive and flexible to support economic reform of governments at the same time.

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