World Bank ceases publication of Doing Business

The World Bank Group today issued a statement justifying its decision to halt publication of the Doing Business report:

“Trust in the research work of the World Bank Group is of utmost importance. This work guides the actions of policy makers, helps countries make better informed decisions, and helps stakeholders measure economic and social progress more accurately. This work is also a valuable tool for the private sector, civil society, academics, journalists and others, and promotes a broader understanding of global issues.

After data irregularities in the 2018 and 2020 editions of the Doing Business Report were reported internally in June 2020, World Bank management suspended the next edition and initiated a series of review (a) and audit (a) of the report. key and the method used for it is installed. Furthermore, because internal reports have raised ethical questions, particularly concerning the conduct of former officers of the Board of Directors as well as some current and/or former employees of the Bank, the Management has raised allegations relating to the same. .

After examining all the information available to date on the “Doing Business” report, including the findings of previous reviews and audits and the report made public today by the Bank on behalf of the Management of the Board of Directors, World Group. The Bank has decided to cease publication of the “Doing Business” report.

“The World Bank Group is strongly committed to promoting the role of the private sector in development and helping governments design the regulatory environment that supports this role. In the future, we will look to assess the business and investment environment.” We are deeply grateful for the efforts of the many employees who have worked diligently to promote the business climate agenda, and we look forward to harnessing their energy and capabilities in new ways. Look forward to,” it states.

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