Woman fined £120 for feeding pigeons Greggs sausage roll in city centre

Woman fined £120 for feeding pigeons Greggs sausage roll in city centre

A woman was fined £120 for feeding pigeons a Greggs sausage roll in a city centre.

Kerris Fenn, 22, ripped the end of her vegan sausage roll into “tiny pieces” and threw them to a small group of birds who seemed “quite sweet” in Manchester City Centre.

But Kerris was left shocked when she was then slapped with a £150 fine, reduced to £120 if she paid it within ten days.

Manchester City Council has hit back, saying ‘feeding the pigeons is littering, plain and simple’.

Kerris, who lives in Cardiff, was visiting her brother when she sat down to enjoy her savoury pastry snack in Piccadilly Garden, reports the Manchester Evening News.

“I was sat in Piccadilly Gardens. I had walked over from the Arndale Centre”, she recalled.

“I was eating a Greggs Sausage Roll. It was less than a mouthful left. (The pigeons) had gathered around. I thought it was quite sweet.

Kerris had sat down in Manchester’s Piccadilly Gardens where she fed some of her vegan sausage roll to the birds

“I just really like animals, I’m a vegan.

“I ripped it into tiny pieces. I tried feeding the crumbs to them. It was just a small group, not flocks and flocks,” she said.

There were ‘no crumbs left’ after the pigeons gobbled up the remains.

But 3GS, on behalf of Manchester City Council, came over and ‘demanded her ID’.

“They charged me £120 (for littering). It would have been more than £150 if I left it more than 10 days. It’s outrageous. It’s is crazy to treat me the same as someone who throws litter on the floor.”

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The fine issued to Kerris after she was caught feeding the birds

Kerris, who works in customer support for a media marketing company, contacted the council to complain.

“I contacted the council and explained ‘this is crazy’. I said ‘if you told me I would have stopped’.

“I was shocked.”

She said she tried to appeal but ‘they said I would have to wait until my case proceeds to court’.

She decided to pay the fine as she didn’t want it to go up to £150.

“It’s the most expensive lunch ever. I’m not going back (to Piccadilly Gardens), definitely not. I can’t believe it.

“I’m still angry about it. It’s upsetting how shocking it was, and how embarrassing it was – in front of so many people”, she said.

What the council say

Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar, said: “Feeding the pigeons is littering, plain and simple. Clear signs are in place in Piccadilly Gardens to advertise this fact.

“While we take no pleasure in handing out Fixed Penalty Notices to offenders, it’s extremely important that people understand that they should not be feeding the birds in this way.

“Illegally dropping food for the pigeons is bad for the local environment and can also be harmful to the birds, as many items intended for human consumption are not suitable for them to eat.”

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