“Without documents the Italians must leave the United Kingdom”

AGI – “European citizens who haven’t obtained residence permit status should start packing”, warns Kevin Foster, deputy interior minister, immigration responsibility, and Priti Patel, owner of the decastery, also known as a “hawk” Is. Because “British citizens have asked us (with Brexit, ed), but the Italian government will do the same for those who do not have the right to live or who have committed a crime”.

Now, Foster says, “we expect these” People who are living in the UK illegally leave voluntarily. Otherwise the security forces (Immigration Enforcement) will ensure their departure.” But out of 145 thousand applications, how many were rejected, 94,300 were withdrawn and 84,300 disabled are still illegally in the UK?, asks the newspaper Foster responds like this: “Hard to say. These numbers do not tell the whole story. For example, 8% of rejected applications refer to the same person. When in doubt, we have always tried to accept rather than reject an application”.

Then Foster adds: “And we will continue to take a pragmatic approach to the appeal and to the 108,000 people who applied for a settlement plan after June 30 with a late but valid reason. In any case, after the appeal.” Until the verdict, all their rights are protected, this is the law. We are working tirelessly and are always available for any clarifications”, concluded the Interior Deputy Minister with Responsibility for Immigration.

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