With Windows 11, Microsoft joins the ecosystem of Android applications

Microsoft on Thursday introduced the new generation of its famed Windows operating system, aimed at facilitating access to downloaded applications on Android, the mobile system developed by Google.

Windows 11, the giant’s first evolution of the operating system from Redmond (Washington) in nearly six years, will be available this summer as a free update for devices running Windows 10.

An early version of Windows 11 will be offered to a limited number of users participating in a special event intended to provide feedback to Microsoft ahead of its release to the general public.

“Today is an important milestone in the history of Windows,” Microsoft boss Satya Nadella said in a video presentation. “This is the beginning of a new generation of computing, where everything is remodeled.”

Windows 11 customers will be able to access their Android mobile applications on their computers through the Amazon Mobile Application Store.

Size limit, this virtual store lacks some of the most popular Android apps developed by Google, such as the Google Maps mapping service or Gmail Email.

Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Panos Pana, said he is “excited about this partnership with Amazon and Intel through the use of Intel Bridge technology.”

Microsoft has also launched an indirect hoe at Apple by presenting itself as a welcoming platform for developers who will be able to keep all the revenue generated from their services using its paid service.

The Apple brand is the subject of a lot of criticism because of the amount of commission it levies on developers who want to make their applications available on its App Store.

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Microsoft has also announced some cosmetic changes to the presentation of Windows (for example the “Start” menu is located in the center of the taskbar by default) and enhanced integration with its Xbox console’s on-demand game service.

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