With increasing cases in the United Kingdom, hospitals are warning

On Monday morning, 12 April, 20,426 people were hospitalized in England affected by the disease, against 18,974 during the peak of the first wave.

The rise in novel coronavirus cases in the United Kingdom on Tuesday prompted healthcare representatives to warn hospitals about the situation, “at the heart of the storm” and even the most in England compared to the first wave more busy. . According to one study, the country, one of more than 71,500 dead in Europe, has been mourned since the identification of more than 74,500 new infectives has resumed the Kovid-19 epidemic.

On Monday morning, 12 April, 20,426 people were hospitalized in England affected by the disease, against 18,974 during the peak of the first wave.

And despite extensive local re-controls from the previous weekend, the number of new positive tests recorded in a single day reached a record 53,135 on Tuesday. Overall, more than 2.3 million people have tested positive in the UK, of which more than 71,500 have died. “We are back in the midst of the storm with a second wave of coronaviruses across Europe and this country,” the Director General of Public Health Services (NHS) for England and Simon Stevens said in a video posted on Twitter. .

Hospital services are “very busy”, with Matthew Kershaw on Tuesday testifying to the head of a hospital in Croydon, south London, causing the BBC to face a “difficult moment”.


Samantha warned on Twitter, “Many (carers) have canceled their plans for Christmas to volunteer and work, but the truth is that many are crumbling.” Bat-Roden, Intensive Care Physician and President of the Doctors Association. According to him, hospitals lack oxygen, others lack volunteers and patients must take them more than a hundred kilometers away to find a place.

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While 40% of the English population, all people in mainland Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, have been instructed to stay home, especially by pushing back, measures to make calls more strict are increasing. back to school.

The British government is counting vaccines to get out of the crisis.

The Medicine Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA) is due to give its opinion on the vaccine developed in the coming years by the British laboratory AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. It has already authorized Pfizer / BioNTech to inject more than 600,000 people since 8 December.

Simon Stevens speculated that “by the end of spring” all vulnerable people in the country would have been vaccinated. “This is the biggest ray of hope for the coming year,” he said.

According to a daily report by The Telegraph on Tuesday by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, vaccination efforts will have to double, with two million injections per week, to avoid a third wave of the virus.

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