winter. Dripping garlic buds in the nose, a fake remedy circulating on Tiktok

Doctors have told that no, it is not good to put garlic buds in the nose to cure cold and cough. Health professionals have said this in the face of the proliferation of videos on TikTok showing Internet users using this surprising method. However, this presents several risks to their health, indicates an article. Shape Viewed by huffpost.

Dermatitis, sinusitis…

Dr Neel Bhattacharya spoke of the possible burning sensation caused by garlic. The specialist explained that the phenomenon can cause contact dermatitis. The other danger posed by the remedy is of mechanical nature. It is indeed possible not to be successful in getting the garlic buds out of the nose when the time comes.

The crowd the patient wanted to treat would then increase. Treatment could potentially be successful “Not only for nasal decompression or blockage, but also for an episode of sinusitis”, warned Omid Mehdizadeh, a laryngologist at a California hospital.


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However, doctors do not completely rule out the use of garlic for colds. The plant, crushed and used in inhalation, actually releases allicin, a compound with antibiotic properties that can act on inflammation caused by a cold. However, health care professionals recommend using a nasal spray based on steroids or antihistamines.

Nevertheless, clips of videographers sometimes holding garlic cloves in their noses for 15 minutes have found remarkable success on TikTok. This is for example the case of a video uploaded on the social network on June 20 and showing mucus coming out of the nose of a user using this method. The images have since been viewed 4.5 million times and garnered nearly 533,000 “likes”.

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