Windows 11, the new Notepad is available for download!

Microsoft published the first “Pewview” of the new Windows 11 Notepad. The application lands on the Windows Insider Program’s DEV channel.

Giant refers to this “Windows 11” version of Notepad as a redesigned version with several changes. It has already been argued that these innovations meet the most popular expectations of the community.

Perhaps the most shocking fact is the completely updated user interface. This now aligns with Windows 11’s “Design” code. We deserve rounded corners, a dark mode or the application of the famous mica effect to boost performance. In short, all this should give rise to a) “modern” version of the classic application.

Windows 11 and newer notebooks

One of the novelty is Dark Mode as it is a response to the most important demand from the community. By default, Notepad adapts to the system theme’s preferences. An option in the new Settings page allows you to modify this. You’ll also find a new home page for font options in Settings.


On the functional side, a new search and replace experience is introduced. Microsoft is linking the change back on several levels.

We are in the context of preview and have problems. Microsoft explains the topic

“The preview version we are releasing today contains a number of known issues that we will address in a future update. These may affect the use of keyboard access keys when switching between different input languages ​​or when using the Japanese IME Editor and in some circumstances you may see unexpected behavior when scrolling or using Shift Click to select text. We continue to improve performance even when opening very large files.”

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