Windows 11, Microsoft Edge Available on Microsoft Store

Windows 11 users can now download the Edge browser from the Microsoft Store. We are still in a testing environment.

During its official presentation on June 24, Windows 11 unveiled a slew of new features, including a new version of the Microsoft Store. It aims to be more open for developers with the possibility to publish Win32 applications. The platform also supports UWP (Universal Windows Apps) and PWA (Progressive Web Apps) applications.

microsoft edge browser

microsoft edge browser

This promise has been fulfilled as many Win32 software is now available. We have for example Adobe Reader and VLC or Microsoft Edge. Windows Insider Program users can now retrieve the browser from this source. The operation is fast, but the process starts the installation program. The latter is responsible for downloading all the data needed for the installation. So it is not retrieved directly from Microsoft Store.

Windows 11 and Windows Store, more browsers coming

It is likely that other browsers will be available soon. Expect Chromium solutions like Chrome, Vivaldi or Brave. For its part, Mozilla has also confirmed its intention to offer Firefox through this new distribution channel.

Note that Edge isn’t the only Microsoft application to hit the Store, we also have Notepad and Paint. These “popular” applications have become stand-alone software that can be updated independently of the operating system.

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