Windows 11 and PC are not supported, a watermark appears on the desktop

Windows 11 comes with special and different system requirements than Windows 10. This situation has rendered millions of PCs obsolete causing an avalanche of criticism.

However, despite these restrictions, it is possible to run Windows 11 on unsupported hardware. This reality does not please Microsoft, so much so that a change has just made its appearance. It certainly isn’t going to please everyone.

Windows 11 will display a watermark on the desktop, a text indicating that the current configuration is not supported. The latest builds offered through the Windows Insider Program introduce this new feature. Users have had the unpleasant surprise of discovering text in the lower right corner on the desktop. System configuration not completed ,

We’re on the DEV channel, so there’s a (less?) chance the new Philagram won’t find its way to a consumer version of the OS.

One of the questions is related to the impact of this lesson. We don’t yet know whether Microsoft also intends to impose certain limits. This is currently the case with the watermark” windows is not activated » Limiting personalization parameters.

Windows 11 and Unqualified PCs

Windows 11 and Watermark

According to Microsoft, testing on non-eligible PCs running Windows 11 increases the chances of encountering problems. The firm clarified on this subject

“On Windows Insider machines that did not meet the minimum requirements, they experienced 52% more kernel-mode crashes (blue screen) than those that did meet the requirements. Machines that did meet the requirements reported a 99.8% incidence -Provided a free experience that is effectively managed by OEMs and IHVs with advanced driver update management. Additionally, crashes on unsupported hardware apps are 17% more likely to occur and for proprietary apps, we find 43 % see more crashes.”

At this point, this new watermark is only in testing. There is no timetable for this but there seems to have already been a parade to get rid of it.

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According to DeskModer the solution goes through an intervention in the registry. It is the backbone of Windows 11. You have to be very careful as any wrong behavior can have dire consequences. Therefore implementing this solution is at your own risk.

Run “Regedit” by launching “Regedit” in Run (WIN+R).

then find the entry

UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache": HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\UnsupportedHardwareNotificationCache

Then set the SV2 DWORD value to 0 . convert to

Whatever is left has to be saved.

Note that if entry(key)


does not exist, just create it with right mouse click on control panel folder.

Select New Key to name it unsupported hardware notification cache

Then you need to add the DWORD SV2 subkey to this folder by specifying the value 0.

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