Windows 11, a “Microsoft” teaser confirms its background

Microsoft has made an appointment on June 24 to follow its “What’s next for Windows” conference. It is dedicated to the Windows operating system and more precisely to the next generation of Windows. Of course the details end there. Vishal remains discreet on precise content.

This doesn’t stop them from continuing their communication campaign with the new teaser. Some suggest a redesign of the interface, thus confirming some of the indiscretions around Windows 11.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the matter, Windows 11 popped up a few days back. This is the name of the second feature update of the year 2021 along with some features of Windows 10X. Kick-off is generally scheduled for next fall.

Windows 11 and its “background”

One of the final teasers proposed by Microsoft reveals the reflection of the desktop in the eyes of a person with an unknown wallpaper for Windows 10.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any other clues, but it’s all interesting. Visible Wallpaper is part of the Windows 11 installation ISO … Note that this image is also used by various profiles of Vishal on the social network. Their Facebook page for “Windows” now uses a new blue profile and this background.

If the desktop interface will evolve, many other new features are expected. There is usually a refresh of various important components, such as the Start Menu, Action Center, Search Module, and Control Panel.

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Windows 11 will probably include major innovations tested through the Windows Insider program. This includes the Windows Subsystem for DOH (DNS over HTTPS), a new clipboard, a new touchscreen keyboard, Microsoft Edge integration in Task Manager, and Linux GUI support.

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