Windows 10X is delayed once again

Microsoft’s response to the rise of Chromebooks has been long. And according to the latest rumors, we will have to wait a while.

Windows 10 X is a special development of Windows 10 that aims to equip small, hyperconnected and inexpensive machines. Focused on web browsers and web services, fully containerized, partially devoid of driver and malware issues that have roasted the lives of Windows users for so many years, the new system is in many ways a clone of Chrome OS.
It is not intended to replace Windows 10 on PCs, but to animate a new line of computers designed specifically for this system.

Unclearly unveiled in 2019 (at a time when the system was supposed to animate nomadic dual-screen machines like the Surface Neo project), previews in late 2020 after a leak more or less orchestrated by the publisher, with the system still waiting Has been officially presented. A presentation that was scheduled to take place in the early spring.

But according to the always well-informed Zac Bowden, Microsoft may have postponed the presentation in early summer, specifically giving OEM partners time to finalize the machines that come with it for the start of the 2021 school year Will go. Even if, according to the latest news, the first public companies primarily targeted by Windows 10X would be those of their “front-line workers” who are not necessarily very talented with a computer in their hands.

Hopefully, Microsoft will take advantage of this new deadline to offer a completely stable and sophisticated system…

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