“Win the B-ranking now as soon as possible” (Asse)

Ennis the Newsblade Criterion de Berken – Maxim Vander Elst breaks through to his father’s club

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Young Asenar Maxim Vander Alst (c+30) has already won tournaments in men’s 4 and 5, making him completely out of the shadow of his father, Chris Vander Alst (b-4/6), who has been a TK He was an A-trainer. De Birches deserve their stripes.


Do you have a strong season?

Maxim Vendor Elsta: “So far I have only suffered one defeat. I played in newsletter criteria Twelve games and won them all. In rent a car interclub I once got bitten in the sand.”

“We played with De Berken in men’s 3rd. We came third in our group. Last year I only played doubles tournaments. Even now I double again. In the meantime, I just returned from a three-week vacation in Madagascar.”

“A good country, but really I would have liked to continue playing tennis because I am in good shape now. I have already collected enough points to advance to two classifications.”

Now you too would totally choose Man 3?

“I won Therme’s tournament in Men 5 in Brugesgame. I immediately won TC Velina’s tournament in Men’s. Meanwhile I started in Main 3 and already registered for Chivava. I just want to start in Men’s 3 so I can’t afford to lose any more points. For playing a meaningful role in newsletter criteria I’ve played very few tournaments anyway.”

“In Madagascar I did a lot of mountaineering. So I kept myself in good shape, but I never picked up a tennis racket. I try to play as much as I can now. In Wemel I registered for two double tournaments. I’m in Zola, Meerpol and I try to get as far away with Eric Steinkers as I can.”

“I hope to win the B-ranking as soon as possible. Hopefully I will continue to play at a higher level and avoid injuries.

You quickly rolled into tennis?

“My father is the head coach at De Berken, but only in the last five years I was completely” Click for tennis. “

“Initially I also played hockey for Anderlecht and worked as an attacker for Asse-Zelik. I still associate tennis with rugby, which I learned about at a boarding school in the mail.”

“Meanwhile, with the mail grade, we made it to the final of the Belgian Cup, in which we have to compete against the Walloon club. I played as a winger, where I can show my speed. ”

“Weekends are usually devoted entirely to tennis. We have a lot of young players in De Berken. We push each other to a higher level. “

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