Win a PS4 copy (including PS5 upgrade) by sharing your comments [UPDATED]


Ubisoft recently released the Watch Dog team and we are celebrating this event with brand new discounts for PS4 and PS5.

Ubisoft recently unveiled the Watch Dogs team and we are celebrating the event with a brand new gift.

This discount allows you to win a PS4 code for the game, free to upgrade to PS5 (apply Ubisoft’s own terms to upgrade).

The code is for the North American PlayStation Store, but as long as you use a North American PSN account that can be easily and quickly created, you can use it regardless of your resident race.

The way to get involved is really, really easy.

All you have to do is comment on our articles anywhere on the site. The more you comment, the better your chances are. We want to hear your opinions and insights, and there is no better way to share your opinions with us.

An important caveat is Comments on this post are not eligible for discount. Of course, you are welcome to comment here, but to participate, you must comment on at least one other article.

On November 13 at 11:59 PM AST we will randomly select a comment made after the publication of this post and the author of that comment will win a digital download code for the North American PS4 version of Watch Dogs Legion.

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Of course, spam comments and one-liners away will be disqualified, because we want to promote interesting comments and conversations among our readers.

Once the winner is drawn, I will respond to the winner’s comment and we will publish the link in the update of this post. At this point, you should respond to my comments, and At the same time, Send me a mail [email protected] Your discus indicates the nickname. The timing is important, because it will prove that you are truly the winner.

If the prize is not claimed within three days of the announcement, we will proceed to draw another winner.

Once again, keep in mind that comments on all TwinFinite articles (except this one) are valid for this discount. The more you comment, the more likely you are to win.

Update: Farewell is now closed. The winner has been decided! Find the winning comments below. Congratulations! If you are listed, please follow the bold instructions above to claim your reward. Note that unless a prize is claimed by Monday, November 9, that entry will be disqualified and we will proceed to draw another winner.

Koenron: I had high expectations about this game, but it surprised me even more. And the soundtrack is great!

If you don’t win, stand by, because there will be opportunities to go further and thank you for your support! Also, remember to leave comments. There is no better reward for our writers than to see you care about our content.

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