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Actually, it should be about a tennis match. Instead, Boris Becker (53) is now the focus.

The former tennis star is currently commentating on matches from London for English TV broadcaster BBC. Yesterday when Marten Fuskovics (29) was to play against Novak Djokovic (34), the Hungarian girlfriend was also shown. Annette Boszormeni feverishly with her marten and watched the quarterfinals live.

Then Baker said something that made some activists emotional. “They say they have the most beautiful women in Hungary. I don’t know, but she sure is pretty,” Baker said of Fuskovics’ friend.

“very beautiful.” Apparently enough reason to be upset.

For the “Women in Sport and Perception Agency” (which takes care of equality issues in sport in Great Britain), Baker has no words at all. In contrast to the English newspaper “Daily Mail”, Speaker Stephanie Hilborn says: “If two men feel comfortable talking about women like this, especially on live TV, it shows that there is still much to be done.” ”

Before Baker’s remarks there was a sentence from lead commentator John Inverdale: “This is Fuscovix’s fiancĂ© Annette Boszormeny. When you’re a tennis player, it’s always nice to have a partner named Annette…” A play on words Anet also means “net” in English.

Activist Hilborn doesn’t find any of this strange: “Shouldn’t we encourage the next generation of girls to do sports instead of what women look like?”

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The BBC defended Baker after the sexism charge, saying: “Boris Baker has made a reckless remark that should not be offensive.”

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