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This is happening behind the scenes. We reached out to Philippe Rome, an advisor to Jean-RenĂ© Lisnard, the founder of the Elite Tennis Center in Cannes. Philip has decided to take the time to think about legal action against “Wimbledon”.

,This decision is unacceptable and it is discriminatory. It is also unfair as it would deprive athletes of their share of income. This is especially the case for female players as prize money has declined on the WTA circuit linked to the pandemic. So the idea is to know if we can initiate proceedings against Wimbledon to request financial compensation. Today, Russian citizens can still work in the United Kingdom so it is not acceptable that Russian and Belarusian tennis players cannot exercise their profession. I am in the process of forming a group and communicating with the athletes concerned to protect their interests. A law firm that is independent of the WTA and ATP will support our approach. The next few days will be decisive. For the time being, I must say that our approach has been successful and I really want to bring as many players together as possible for this action. We can’t let that happen, Wimbledon has come a long way.”

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