“Will no longer be reproducible”

This Wednesday we reached the highest number since November 20, with a total of 319 admissions. Do these figures reflect a lack of seriousness in the measures being implemented today? In fact according to the Director of the Department of Internal Medicine at Erasmie Hospital, Jean-Christophe Goffard: “For understandable measures, they need to be as consistent as possible. It is clear that banning everything is very consistent and easy … but neither is a long-term solution that deserves ten.”

According to him, it would be to automate the alertness of citizens to promote a rapid return to “normal life”: “Where perhaps we need to be inventive now that we have strong measures in place that are set to remodel and work wisely”, They call the debate on the set of QRs. “We need to be able to learn how to avoid infection, along with sexually transmitted diseases.” For this, the Director of internal medicine service Recommends the use of self-testing, vaccination, serology or rectal smears. “We have opportunities to be inventive, and now is the time to do it.”

“Nothing is worse for a business leader”

President of UCM, Pierre-Frederick Nist, is not in favor of tough measures. “Today we see a sense of confusion, in a state of confusion. Should we be limited to that time? Maybe it should be done today? No, certainly not! A business leader, an independent and worse for the population Nothing is there.” To see a standard that goes on continuously. And we have a lot of difficulty in passing this message. Please let us be clear and consistent today! “

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