Will inflation stay here? Analysis of François Lenglet

This is already the case in the United States where inflation reaches 5.4%, in Germany where it is 4.1% while France still stands at 2.7 according to European data. The real accelerator wage will increase which leads to a rise in prices as it stimulates demand. It has already been celebrated in the United Kingdom and the United States. And it is possible that it will arrive here because of the labor shortage due to covid, which forces employers to increase their wages.

And in most countries the working population is shrinking due to aging. However, if the work is scarce, it will be more expensive, at least in areas that cannot be automated. “So, a little inflation isn’t a bad thing. It eases the burden of past debt as income grows more quickly. But history teaches us that we should avoid rushing, because it’s as hard to calm down as it is.” Putting the toothpaste back in your tube”, concludes François Lenglet.

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