Will FIFA 23 be EA Sports’ next game?

Since 1993, EA Sports has released FIFA-branded games, and the annual release of a new opus has become a nearly three-decade-old tradition.

Most of the time, FIFA has dominated its field. And its closest competitors, Konami’s eFootball (officially known as Pro Evolution Soccer or PES), have undergone branding and strategy changes in an attempt to compete with EA Sports’ sports once again.

However, the future of the game remains uncertain as the renewal of FIFA’s partnership with EA Sports looks doubtful, leaving fans in limbo as to when their new football video game will be released.

Will EA Sports release FIFA 23?

EA Sports has yet to reveal anything about its next football game, so it is not yet known whether FIFA 23 will see the light of day. However, it looks like the game will continue in some form or the other.

If FIFA 23 releases in 2022, it should launch at the end of September based on the release schedule for last year’s game.

EA Sports and FIFA need to reach an agreement to continue their partnership, but the current agreement doesn’t expire until December 2022, after the 2022 World Cup. This time frame creates a dilemma for EA Sports.

While nothing has been confirmed, it looks like fans will still be able to play a new EA Sports football video game, which Xfire says will include men’s and women’s World Cups as well as crossplay. – The first sports franchise for EA Sports Football.

What is EA Sports FC?

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EA Sports FC has been widely discussed as a possible new name for EA Sports’ football game franchise.

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Trademarks for “EA Sports FC” have been registered in the UK and EU, fueling rumors that the popular FIFA video game series may be changing its name.

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