Will Ferrell was disappointed that everyone missed a huge elf joke in the Eurovision movie

Will Ferrell shares his frustration that his latest film, the Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, has completely missed a joke his fans made about his iconic film Elf.

Large Erikson, a 53-year-old American comedian, lit Eurovision in the 2020 film – and previously played the role of Buddy Christmas Elf in the 2003 film Elf.

One of the biggest jokes about his Eurovision film – which he co-wrote – is that Icelandic mythical bows help his character in an original, dramatic scene.

But Will’s character Lars also expresses animosity and disbelief for Elvas throughout the film – it’s a plot point, it conveys, a joke that most viewers don’t seem to realize.

Will Ferrell reveals the elf joke in his Eurovision movie that everyone missed

Everything will be explained by opening up about his films to different types.

In response to a question about Elvis from Eurovision film, he said: “Do you know the funny thing? No one got the subtext.

“We were trying to put this issue in front of us at the bar about how to have problems with Elv and Elvas stupid and thought, ‘It’s going to get such a funny smile because of Buddy Elf.’

“But it’s gone over everyone’s head.”

Eurovision Song Contest: Elf-Hating Lars to play Eric Sang in The Story of Fire Saga

Will continued: “It was supposed to be a clear joke that our character just hates everything that is hate-related and I acted in the movie ‘Elf’. And this kind of flew by.”

Although Elf is a favorite of many, Will’s Eurovision movie has divided fans and critics and is currently nominated for a Grammy Award – also on the ‘Worst Movies of the Year’ list.

In their dating review, film expert Empire announced: “There are votes and it’s official: to Eurovision it’s a waste of some deadly talent, mostly indigent piano. At least a few songs are decent.”

Buddy will star in the 2003 movie LD Buddy

However, Will has also released a soundtrack to the Netflix movie’s Grammy nominations.

He told Variety: “We wanted to pay tribute to the Eurovision camp and the style, but at the same time we really wanted it to be a love letter of competition.

“There’s an art to making this kind of music and so the recognition is great.”

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