Will Boris Johnson lose his job as Prime Minister?

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Monday, June 6 could mark a turning point in British political life. The Conservative Party’s internal no-confidence motion could sack the English prime minister, Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson is under pressure in London (United Kingdom). The English Prime Minister is implicated in the scandal of illegal parties held during his imprisonment. On the evening of Monday, June 6, its majority votes on a no-confidence motion. Boris Johnson may lose his job. However the outcome of the vote is still uncertain. Lawmakers waited for the end of Elizabeth II’s birth anniversary to initiate this internal Conservative Party resolution.

After several scandals, Boris Johnson has been weak for several months. Voting is now underway and results are expected around 10 pm (French time). For an English prime minister to be removed from office, at least 180 Conservative MPs must vote a no-confidence vote. According to the British press, Boris Johnson appeared before his troops at the end of the afternoon for a last chance speech and perhaps to defend his position.

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