Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021: Winners Announced

On October 12, 2021, The Natural History Museum in London (England) announced the names of the big winners of the prestigious photo competition it develops, organizes and produces: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 for authentic representations of animal life in nature. sheds light on. . Once again this year the London Museum broadcast its ceremony online. It was moderated by Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin, BBC presenters and biodiversity experts.

A Frenchman in the spotlight: Laurent Ballesta, winner in all categories

For the first time, the international jury of the competition chose a Frenchman as the winner of the prize, combining all categories: Laurent Ballesta, “awarded for”.Technical prowess and exceptional vision“As his picture shows” Construction. It offers the underwater spectacle of a trio of camouflage groups.”Comes out of a milky cloud of eggs and sperm.“In fact, the snapshot was taken during the annual breeding period of these tropical fish, which the French photographer and his team visit every year.

These results for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2021 are a real anointing for a French photographer whose artistic talent we have already appreciated – including during previous editions of the same competition – but also has the qualities of a scientific arbiter to show us. to give images of the depths of the sea in view of Jacques-Yves Cousteau,Underlines the director of the editions, Jean-Yves Kernel biotope who publish a book bringing together the entire prize list of the competition.

Laurent Ballesta is a naturalist photographer specializing in underwater wildlife, but also a marine biologist and a diver. In addition to his various missions, he co-founded the Andromedae Oceanology Company, carrying out projects related to the study and enhancement of the marine environment since 2000. Of their adventures, we especially mention the Gombesa 5 mission, during which the photographer and three other divers spent almost a full month in a pressurized chamber to explore the depths of the Mediterranean Sea: Documentary Mediterranean planet, released in September 2020, traces this aquatic expedition.

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three new categories

This year, new categories have appeared in the contest list. Particular emphasis is placed on the beauty of ecosystems and their important role for the planet and its inhabitants: “Ocean – Look Ahead”, “Wetlands – Look Ahead” and “The Art of Nature” have all been very successful. The idea was specifically to make the general public aware of the urgency of the problems related to these important natural environments.

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