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The country’s federal prosecutor’s office announced this Monday, August 2, the trial of the wife of a political scientist who was himself convicted in July.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office announced Monday that the wife of a German political scientist targeted by justice for spying for the benefit of Chinese intelligence services had been indicted on the same grounds.

According to the Karlsruhe prosecutor’s office responsible for terrorism and espionage, the German-Italian Clara K. and her husband Klaus L. was contacted by Chinese spy services during a speaking tour in Shanghai (China) in 2010.

From that date and till 2019, they have “Provides regular information to Chinese intelligence before or after state visits or international conferencesThe prosecution said in a statement.

The political scientist had already been convicted in early July. couple get”fees“In exchange for information obtained through several of his high-level political contacts established within the framework of a think-tank headed by Claus L since 2001. He is also suspected of being paid to attend meetings with Chinese intelligence officials. Is.

Very shameful case for the country

The case may prove to be particularly embarrassing for Germany: Claus L. may have actually worked for the BND for fifty years, the German Federal Intelligence Service revealed to the public channel ARD in a thorough investigation.

His alleged double agent activity prompted police to search his home in 2019, two years before his arrest. According to ARD, the political scientist may have partly assigned the BND with its ties to the Chinese services. According to ARD, Klaus L. He was one of the leaders of the influential Hans-Seidel Foundation affiliated with the Bavarian Conservatives of the CSU.

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Germany recently faced another espionage case, this time involving Russia. German justice announced on 21 June the arrest of a Russian scientist working at a university and suspected of spying on behalf of Moscow.

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