Wied does pessimistic business about the future

After several other cantons, Wad in turn carried out his vaccination campaign. A mobile team took up residence at Macedon du Palerin, Chardonne, on Wednesday. It is preparing to vaccinate 56 residents and 25 employees, including caregivers.

“All have to get a better Christmas vaccination next year,” says Mr Favre, who explains that he “didn’t hesitate”. “It’s not just for me, this disease has to stop.” “Somebody died of the virus next to me,” he says.

Ray of Hope

“This vaccine gives a glimpse of hope for 2021”, explains director Jean-Luc Andrey. In this house, more than 95% of eligible residents will be vaccinated on Wednesday. “They readily accepted. They were really in agreement,” he notes. “The vaccine gives hope to regain a normal life within a reasonable time. I will still be vaccinated,” he says.

Among the staff, all services worked jointly, they will be around 25 to receive the first dose on Wednesday, which is a small quarter of the workforce. Some are reluctant, or hesitant. “Many are awaiting the second visit of the mobile team”, Mr Andrey admitted.

Marie-Paulé, assistant head nurse, goes first. “I work with very weak people. I want to set an example. I didn’t hesitate and I didn’t feel anything over it,” she said immediately after the injection.

Several months

“We are finally getting to the stage that we all were waiting for,” said State Councilor Rebecca Ruiz, appearing alongside her colleague Baytris Metraux. This vaccination campaign will last for several months. First in EMS, then in the centers of CHUV and Morgs from January 11 and then in other areas of the cantonment.

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Vaccination will then be open to those considered “sensitive” but who do not reside in an institution. By January 11, more than 75 people will receive a letter informing them of the possibility of receiving a vaccine, as well as a detailed procedure to be followed to register.

Dedicated platform

From next week, an internet platform – Coronavax – will be dedicated to vaccination. Rebecca Ruiz explains, “People will answer a questionnaire and know if they are eligible for the vaccine. They can also make an appointment through the platform.”

Civil defense is supporting this unprecedented campaign. The mobile teams, numbered from six to eight, will include a carer and on-call PCI worker, who will serve as a “pricer” or “vaccinator”, driver and logician.

The immunization day of Maison du Pèlerin made it possible to archive the experience. “A balance sheet will be prepared”, explains Louis-Henri Delaraguez, Commander of Vaude Civil Protection. From January 4 to 6, vaccines will be trained to vaccinate, and then go to EMS at the end of the week.

Vaccine management

Canton has received 3,000 doses of the vaccine so far. He will receive more in mid-January. The vaccine is stored at a very low temperature, minimum – 70 degrees. EMS are brought to the required quantity in mobile refrigerators, where they are stored at -2 degrees, a temperature where they can be stored for five days, Mr. Delaraguez explains.

On Maison du Pèlerin, mixes a diluent in a prepared bottle, turning everything upside down to mix the two products well – “Above all, you shouldn’t shake it”, he says – then extracts five doses . A nurse comes to pick up a syringe to inject into the floor of the house. “It’s moving forward, it’s going well,” he said.

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