Why we want Google One VPN to come to the Netherlands

Google has only launched the service in the United States, but now Google One VPN is making the crossing. It is coming to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. So close, but not yet in the Netherlands. That’s what Google One VPN is and why we want it in the Netherlands.

virtual Private Network

Google One is a storage plan, but since October it has expanded to include a VPN option. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Although many people use a VPN to pretend they are from the United States (for example to watch American offers on Netflix), it’s really mainly about security. It’s no coincidence that many employees have had to log into a VPN first to make sure they can build all company apps since the pandemic.

A Virtual Private Network means that you apply an encrypted type of security layer to your Internet connection. Your Internet traffic goes through the VPN provider’s servers and it gives you a new IP address that changes frequently, making it difficult to pin down exactly what you do on the Internet. In short, VPNs are not only used for general Internet behavior: they can also be used for people who want to do evil. However, it also offers a lot of legal benefits, so giants like Google for example are now adding it to their storage service.

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If you live in one of the above countries you can use the Google One VPN program and at least use Google’s 2 terabyte storage plan (which will cost you 10 euros per month). Thanks to connecting a VPN, all your online traffic, whether you have it in an application or in a browser, is encrypted. Google has also promised that it will never use a VPN connection to track, view or sell your browsing activity. It’s mainly about security, so don’t have to change your location so much. So if you, as an American, now go to the Netherlands with this subscription, the service will not work because it is not in the Netherlands yet.

Now we don’t just want a Google One VPN for Americans visiting our country: we want it. Especially when it comes to storage, you want those important documents to be sent securely. VPN helps with this. Well because it’s included in a Google One subscription, it’s also an addition that doesn’t cost you extra.

not in the netherlands yet

Because of the precise security and the fact that you no longer have to pay for it – and many people already have a Google One subscription – we want Google One VPN to start rolling out in the Netherlands as soon as possible. Hopefully it won’t be like the Google Pixel phone, which you can only buy if you import it from the Google Store from Germany or France. However, information about the VPN option is already on Google’s Dutch site, giving hope.

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