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number of Newly infected in Britain Return will increase after two months: +20,765 in the previous week because of Indian mutation Who is spreading so much in the country that the fear of being in front of one is haunting Third wave of kovid And pushing the government Boris johnson To reevaluate the road map of reopening.

At the moment, according to official Public Health England data daily Mail Online, only 177 out of 5,599 people (3%) took the mutant strain and went to the emergency room despite completing two doses and only 2 of them died. The rapidly spreading version B.1.617.2 is the cause of three-quarters of all infections in the United Kingdom and the executive, under pressure not to immediately quarantine those returning from India, gave the ‘green light to use. The use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine intends to maintain the use of masks and smart working even after June 21, which was referred to as “Liberation Day”, while eliminating social distance and the rule of “you are” Were working to do. On off “to revive the economy.

However, scientists are calling on ministers to be vigilant and delay the final steps on the roadmap so that more people return to normalcy until more doses of the vaccine are received. Psychologist Professor Stephen Reicher of the SEZ subcommittee said the government is in a difficult position as it appears to have abandoned the “not given data” doctrine.

And in Italy, where the data can be expected after the “rational” reopening on April 26, virologist Roberto Burioni of the University of San Rafael, Milan, wrote on Twitter: “The situation in the UK is worsening, an ‘Indian ‘Due to the variant that spreads with particular intensity between non-vaccination and vaccination with a single dose (bad idea). Fortunately, the effectiveness of full immunization (mRna) is being maintained. “Meanwhile, in Vietnam A new highly permeable Kovid-19 mutation has been discovered. This was stated by Health Minister Nguyen Than Long. It is a type that is half between Indian and English and has led to an increase in infection.

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