Why NASA’s Mars Missions Will Be Quiet for Weeks

NASA will quit directing the Mars mission in the coming weeks.

Whereas Earth and the Red Planet are on opposite sides of the Sun – every two years in a Mars-solar conjunction – the planets cannot “see” each other.

Mars footage shows the Perseverance rover in action

The Sun emits a hot ionized gas aura that diffuses into space and can disrupt radio signal engineering orders and spaceship communications.

NASA said in a statement Tuesday that most missions will stop sending commands to its Mars spacecraft between Saturday and October 16.

Some will extend the postponement for a day or two, although this decision depends on the angular distance between Mars and the Sun in Earth’s sky.

However, missions to Mars will not be completely inactive during this period.

The Perseverance Mars rover – which landed in February this year – will take meteorological measurements with MEDA (Mars Environment Dynamics Analyzer) sensors, feed RIMFAX (Radar Imaging of Mars Subsurface Experiment) radar, pick up new sounds with its microphone and search To the dust monsters with their cameras.

The Ingenuity of Mars Helicopter is not scheduled to fly, but it will update Percy every week.

NASA confirms Mars region has seen thousands of ancient volcanic eruptions

Curiosity’s Mars rover – which has been on Mars since August 2012 – will also measure weather with the rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) sensors, search for dust devils with its cameras, and radiation using RAD (Radiation Assessment Detector). Will measure. DAN (Dynamic Albedo Neutron Sensor).

Finally, the NASA InSight landing vehicle will continue to use its seismometers to detect earthquakes and three of NASA’s orbiters will continue to transmit some of the data from surface missions to Earth, in addition to collecting their own data. Science.

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Roy Gladden, director of the Mars Relay Network at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), said in a statement. “Each housekeeper is assigned homework to do so that they can hear from us again.”

NASA has indicated that Perseverance, Curiosity and Insight will take a pause in the available raw footage.

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After the postponement, the spacecraft will send the remaining data to NASA’s Deep Space Network: an international group of giant radio antennas operated by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

NASA engineers will spend a week downloading the information before resuming standard spacecraft operations.

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