Why MU supporters attacked his club

The Premier League clash between Manchester United and Liverpool, scheduled for this Sunday, had to be postponed due to performances by Manchian supporters, who had gone so far as to attack Old Trafford’s lawn. The reason for the anger of Red Devils fans.

England have this strong image this Sunday: dozens of Manchester United supporters attacked their club’s lawn at Old Trafford just hours before the Premier League clash against Liverpool. Prior to the announcement of postponement of the match, the kickoff of the match was initially delayed. But the anger does not subside: Red Devils fans want their leaders to leave and do not intend to give up. Some reasons are very recent, but others have taken hold in recent seasons.

Super League last straw

Let’s go back to the most obvious: this Almanac Super League. Manchester United was one of the 12 starting signatories for this semi-closed league started by Florentino Perez. And that, in England, it does not pass. As in Chelsea, Liverpool or Manchester City, the anger of supporters, the assassination of other Premier League clubs and the British government gave way to the Manchunian leadership.

Manchester United therefore withdrew from the project, like the other five English clubs initially involved. But the damage was done. Murthy Alex Ferguson had stated his disappointment: “To speak of the Super League, it is to go away from 70 years of European football”, regretted the great coach. His Colonel Eric Cantona called for the respect of supporters. Even the players, Bruno Fernandes, voiced their disagreement. Fan Wood’s initial target, Ed Woodward, has already announced his departure. Make way for the next step.

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Glazer Family, Target

Here is the most refreshing. But Manchester United fans are angry. Their target? “Glazers”, as indicated by several “glazers out” signs raised in recent weeks around Old Trafford.

The Glazer family took over the Mancunian club in 2005, as the team came out of a white season and struggled to find a second wind. An arrival to the beauty of the game? Not necessary. The wealthiest American businessmen have always believed that they want to make a profit. in football. In the land of football and its traditions.

Hard to swallow for Red Devils fans who also care about the history of their club, which, like many Premier League, was founded in 1878 by members of a railway company from all parts of the working class world Is up. We were far from the avalanche of tickets.

Media exit Mogul Rupert Murdoch, paving the way for a Glazer family of American businessmen who already own the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And the method was, already at the time, mandarin: in short, he was responsible for digging out the club’s debt to buy it at a low cost. class. And no risk: Manchester United is very profitable, sells a lot of shirts and tickets … Profit will repay the loan immediately. And it works. It also chills historical fans.

When the business encroaches on football

But the Glazers’ football business was on until it interfered with the athlete. After all, many people do not bother making a profit from the sale of derivatives. It is much more embarrassing when you try to interfere in a field without capacity or legitimacy.

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This is the tipping point: player transfers have not paid off at a sporting level in recent years: Manchester United have fallen in the Premier League standings and European rank – settling for the Europa League rather than the Champions League – going further apart Is … by rival city. The Skipples who have had everything for them since Pep Guardiola’s arrival: the most recognized coach in the world, a game and trophy drawn by all, almost achieved with a third league title in four years. enough is enough.

Rage of elders

To understand the shift, it is enough to listen to the elders. “United fans are really sad, Peter Schmeichel said on RMC Sport on Sunday. The restoration of the club in 2004–2005, when we went to the Champions League every year, we won the Premier League one to two years, that We had the best stadium and the best training center… Today, we are no longer in the Champions League, we are no longer fighting for the title in the Premier League, the age of the stadium has increased… Fans see that They can’t go and get Manchester City, the Super League was too much. […] The owners are out of touch, they are stingy, always want more money. And the payers are fans only. “

To deal with Gary Neville on Sky Sports, “Joel Glazer said that he (after the Super League episode) wanted to regain the trust of supporters. But he never had that.” The former Mencunian was also called “disgusted” by his club’s management and two historically popular and working clubs in Liverpool in this Almanac period of the Super League.

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“I think there will be no connection between the supporters and these owners. Paul Scholes oversaw BT Sport at the end of April. I think it is with all the clubs that have started bringing in billionaires so that They are ‘a toy to earn money. The most important thing for a fan is what happens on the pitch. And the last four or five years at Manchester United, with the resources, the money the club got, the team did not win. Pie. Trophy, this is ridiculous. “

Never take a football from an Englishman, he will not forgive you. Common people – in the great sense of the post – no longer have access to their stadium, their players, their shirts, their dreams. In Liverpool, in the United Kingdom, in the United Kingdom, it does not pass. You don’t buy everything with money yet.

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