Why Massive Effects Legendary Edition Will Not Be Available on PS5 and Xbox Series X

whereas Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will happen ” PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Backward compatibility on s Since its launch this year, BioWare does not currently have plans for a release dedicated to the new generation or optimization patches.

In an interview with IGN, the director of this remaster, Mac Walters, said that launching the collection on the next generation was “unrealistic”. “

« If I buy a game on this new generation of consoles, I expect a lot from it, and I think it goes beyond what we have to pull. [l’Unreal Engine 3], And beyond what we could do for a remaster. In my opinion, that would be a bit dishonest. I think this job will be better for the next one mass Effect. »

Walters also denied that Bioware is considering a possible adaptation patch, at least for now. However, he said that this game would benefit The hardware For the next generation who will play it on PS5 or Xbox Series X.

« We’ll see, but we have plans to release the game in exactly the same way so that it can take a bit more of the next generation of power, beyond the faster load time you’d expect from an SSD. There will be higher frame rates, better resolution and the ability to achieve such things. So the experience should be more customized, but for now, nothing more. »

Today, BioWare also announced Mass Effect Legendary Edition Will be available on May 14, 2021.

The compilation will contain all basic single-player content, plus all 40 DLCs from the first three games. mass Effect. Bioware promises us 4K Ultra HD rendering and enhanced HDR compatibility. The compilation will be available on PC (via Original and Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

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BioWare also announced a new episode of the saga mass Effect Last December, during Sports award. However, it is only at the beginning of its development.

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