why it matters. With a rising budget for 2022, French justice wants to hold

8.9 billion Euros: This is the budget allocated to the Ministry of Justice for 2022. The amount, which translates into an 8% increase in 2021 – is detailed in the National Assembly on Monday as part of the 2022 Finance Bill. It is part of an increase in resources earmarked for justice by the government since the start of Macron’s five-year term, which has created 7,400 jobs, of which 3,450 have been created in the past 12 months. In 2022, 720 people should be recruited into atonement centers, courts and structures for the judicial protection of young people.

“structural difficulties”
French justice can rejoice because it is lagging behind most of its European neighbors. The European Commission for Justice Efficiency (CEPEJ) analyzed the budgets of their national countries in euros per resident for the period 2018-2020: at the beginning of the period, France dedicated 69.9 euros per resident, behind the United Kingdom (76.3 euros) . per capita), Italy (83.2 euros per person), Spain (92.6 euros per person) or Germany (131.2 euros per person).

A figure that stuns the judicial administration. In 2020, the Association of Defenders of Justice (ADJ) sued the state before the court of Lyon for “serious misconduct”, claiming a budget of 9.6 billion euros, which was ‘Germany, Netherlands (120 euro’). per resident) or Sweden (117.5 Euro per resident).

A Senate report specifically pointed to the average processing time for procedures. In criminal terms, this deadline was 41.5 months in 2020 while this year’s budget intended to reduce it to 38.5 months. With respect to civil proceedings, excluding minor proceedings, the time frame was 16.8 months (against the initially planned 15.5 months) for courts de cassation and 15.8 months (against 13 months) for courts of appeal. initially planned).

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According to the report “difficulties associated with the health crisis”, but not only: the Senate “also speaks of structural difficulties, once again demonstrating the need to strengthen the justice budget to improve the functioning of the courts, the prison park developed and recruit magistrates”.

This last point should appear at the top of the budget list for 2022. And for good reason, according to CEPEJ, France had 10.9 magistrates per 100,000 residents in 2018, half the average of the 45 European countries studied (21, 4 judges). A major problem pointed out by ADJ in 2020: “The requirement of clerks and magistrates is calibrated according to the average number of cases in the jurisdiction, without taking into account the stock of the remaining cases to be processed for the year. The budget allocated Therefore blind”.

Since the beginning of the five-year term, 1,914 legal and administrative posts have been created to expedite the processing of these processes. Suffice it to expect slightly brighter figures next year, when CEPEJ delivers its next report.

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