Why is the moon so big tonight?

The second full moon of 2021 rose into the clear British skies on Friday, providing a great opportunity for sky lovers to witness the last full moon of winter.

The full moon in February is known as the snow moon in the Northern Hemisphere and usually signifies the early spring.

The moon will arrive at 8:17 GMT on Saturday, but it will be seen full in the sky on Friday and Saturday nights.

The sky is clear over Great Britain on Friday, ideal for a view of the sky, although areas of Scotland and Northern Ireland will be cloudy on Saturday morning.

The Meteorological Bureau’s forecast for Saturday is slightly less favorable, but it still offers people from southern regions a great opportunity to see the full moon.

Saturday’s forecast reads: “In some parts of northern England, some clouds and strange patches of rain are sinking. There are decent amounts of southern areas as well as eastern Scotland. [clear skies]. “”

Tips for viewing the night sky at its best include: Stay away from light-polluted areas and at least 45 minutes away from artificial light sources to allow the eyes to adjust to darkness.

The full moon also appears larger when it is closer to the horizon due to a mysterious optical effect known as lunar illusion.

‚ÄúThere are many reasons that matter in front of your moon view. But this is not a correct explanation. NASA astronauts in orbit see the illusion of the moon and have no body in the foreground that serves as a guide for the distance. So it is likely that more will happen. “”.

Various applications are available to help users track the location and constellations of the moon.

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