Why Facebook will now ask permission to track iPhone users

Facebook will try to explain the benefits of ad tracking to its users. The next update to iOS strikes the heart of its economic model by Apple with the upcoming deployment of an option that limits the tracking capabilities of application editors, with the social network giant giving its users a reason to encourage tracking Will try to rally from For ad targeting purposes.

In this perspective, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has started sending a notification to some iOS users so that they can track their activity on Facebook and on websites for advertisements. “Allow Facebook to use your activity on third-party applications and sites?”, Can we read on the message, which should be introduced in the coming weeks to all users of Facebook but also to Instagram on iPhone.

Facebook makes two arguments to legalize ad tracking: it will allow Internet users See more personalized ads And that Will help social network partner companies Those who receive remuneration by selling targeted advertising space. Particularly in SMEs, which according to Facebook, this new situation could cause major losses.

If you refuse, facebook will no longer be able to track you

In the coming weeks, all users will therefore have to choose between “Authorize” and “Do not Authorize” to collect data on their activity to the company. If they accept, the advertisements offered to them will not change., Facebook explains. “Facebook does not collect new types of data by consenting,” promises Dan Levy, vice president of the advertising products group.

If they RefuseOn the other hand, users will still see ads, but they will be less relevant to them because Facebook and its partners will no longer be able to track them Social networks and other applications cross-reference their data while browsing and refine their consumer profile. But this does not change the experience and social features that Facebook and its apps offer.

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Facing low returns of harvesting and exploiting data for advertising purposes to end users, Facebook and app developers may legally worry that owners of large numbers of iPhones and iPads opt to refuse tracking Choose. Mark Zuckerberg’s company can go all the way to the courts and L.Start antitrust action against Apple That she alleges misuse of a prominent position.

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