Why does vaccination start later in Monterrey?

While vaccination is in full swing in Montreal and Laval, it is happening slowly in Montreggi. Last week, Disha de la Sante Public de la Montereggi (DSPM) mentioned that vaccination of people over 85 years of age would begin on March 11. Several readers recently contacted the journal, questioning the reasons for such delays.

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In a statement sent to the media on March 1, the DSPM now states that vaccination of those 85 more overs has already begun, but “it will continue with greater intensity from March 11, when we receive more vaccine doses” .

Monterrey’s director of public health, Drs. Julie Losorle said that “the campaign is going well” in the region, even if vaccination of some priority groups starts a little later than in the metropolis, where there are people 70 years and older. Can make an appointment now.

“It should be noted that due to their epidemiological status, Montreal and Laval have received proportionately more vaccines than other regions, which explains the difference,” she says.

So far, 54,755 people have been vaccinated in the area, including priority health workers and those living in retirement homes.

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