Why does my iPhone ask for my email password? How to set up your email to block messages

IPhone users worldwide have complained that their devices often ask for their email passwords.

Users say that notifications often pop up on the iPhone and iPad even when performing a related task.

According to the Apple Technology website McWorld, The notification is “a bug that often comes after a major software update” and there are several ways to deal with it.

Here’s what you can do about notifications.

Update your iOS

Since the bug is often associated with software updates, it can probably be fixed by updating the iOS version of your iPhone or iPad.

To do this, go to Settings, General, Software Update and if you see that your device is not running the latest software, click Download and Install

You need to be connected to WiFi and have to restart the update frequently but this may stop email notifications from coming.

Restart FaceTime and iMessage

You need your Apple ID to sign in to both FaceTime and Images, which involves entering your email and related password.

This can fix the problem if you sign out of both apps and sign in again.

It’s as easy as tapping the slider to turn on messages and messages after going to settings.

Repeat the process with FaceTime and see if you are asked to sign in again.

Updating or restarting applications can often solve the problem (Photo: Getty)

Update the application

Applications like FaceTime and iMessage may occasionally require an email sign that can prompt uncontrolled notifications.

If an application needs to be updated, you may often need an iCloud login to do so.

Open the App Store to update your apps and tap the icon in the top right. You will then be able to see which applications need to be updated.

Clicking Update means none of these require your password.

Sign out of iCloud

Signing out of iCloud and logging in again can sometimes solve the problem.

To do this, open the settings and tap your name at the top of the screen which will take you to your iCloud settings.

Scroll down the page and tap Sign Out then enter your Apple ID password to stop searching my iPhone.

Then restart your iPhone and sign back in to iCloud – this can fix the problem.

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